Endosight is a powerful tool in the hands of radiologists and surgeons in need of performing an image-guided procedure.

We want to make Interventional Oncology a routine procedure in every hospital, with no expensive equipment, no years-long training.

Just see the target, and get it.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Endosight is the first-ever Augmented Reality guidance for Interventional Oncology, allowing to see the patient as is, and not in grayscale, bidimensional images.

Wearing Endosight's goggles, it is possible to navigate through the patient's body, seeing both tissues and devices in their real position.

An easy-to-use technology, offering an immersive experience for high-precision procedures, being it a biopsy or an ablation.

Endosight makes it possible to reach the target with unparalleled accuracy and intuitivity. The respiratory gating function makes it safe to determine the insertion moment and the planning assistant shows where the radiologist or the surgeon planned to access.

This is about making Interventional Oncology a safe and reliable procedure.

For everyone.

Endosight is a IIB, CE marked medical device.



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